Thermography produces raised printing similiar in appearance to engraving but using a different process. In thermography, a special powder is added to the ink printed on the paper. The printed piece is heated and the powder and ink mixture dries to form a raised effect on the paper.

Embossing uses a specially-made die to form a raised three-dimensional impression that allows you to feel the design. It is a graceful effect that brings a touch of class to your piece. Embossing can be used on its own or in combination with 4-color printing or foil stamping.

Foil stamping/embossing is a great option for a designer to integrate a special metallic effect into the artwork. Foil stamping/embossing is a special offline process which requires heat for the transfer of the metallic foil to paper or several other solid substrates. Foils come in many colors with each one bringing a unique vivid effect to any printed piece.